Tigresa by ANJLNYC located in Bushwick NYC: Decal $49.00 - $219.00

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Size: 30" x 25"
Product: Peel-N-Stick Wallpaper
$49 $69

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This Peel-N-Stick Decal is easy to install and removes without any residue. 

This is an amazing artist that paints with vibrant colors that pop of the wall. The mural was capture using our in-house high-resolution process that allows us to print images with very high detail.  

ANJL has always had a passion for art — beginning with graffiti and transitioning to murals and portraits. Painting and drawing for most of her life, ANJL is also an accomplished martial artist and a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. When she’s not creating magic on a canvas or on the mats, she’s working towards bettering the environment and making the world a peaceful place for all.

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