ed Bull Racing has been a dominant force in the Formula One (F1) world for over a decade. The team has several championships, with their most recent win coming in 2022. However, in recent years, Red Bull's F1 wins seem to be getting easier. This article will explore the reasons behind this phenomenon.

The Rise of Max Verstappen

One of the primary reasons for Red Bull's recent dominance in F1 is the rise of their star driver, Max Verstappen. The Dutch driver has been with Red Bull since 2016 and has emerged as one of the best drivers on the grid. Verstappen's fearless driving style and ability to extract the maximum from his car have made him a force to be reckoned with.

In 2021, Verstappen won the drivers' championship with three races to spare, finishing 226 points ahead of his nearest rival, Lewis Hamilton. Verstappen won 10 races out of 22 in the season, with his closest rival, Hamilton, winning just five. Verstappen's dominance over the season was critical to Red Bull's success.

The Red Bull Car

Another factor behind Red Bull's recent success is the car itself. Aside from the amazing F1 decals, the Red Bull car has been one of the most competitive cars on the grid for several years. The team has a reputation for producing vehicles with excellent aerodynamic performance, which gives them an advantage on high-speed tracks.

In 2021, Red Bull introduced a new car, the RB16B, which proved to be a significant improvement over its predecessor. The car was faster, more reliable, and easier to handle, which allowed Verstappen to push harder and extract more from the vehicle. The car's performance and Verstappen's driving skills made Red Bull unbeatable on several occasions.

The Honda Engine

Red Bull's recent success can also be attributed to the Honda engine. After a long and successful partnership with Renault, Red Bull switched to Honda engines in 2019. The Honda engine has proven reliable and powerful, which has helped Red Bull compete with Mercedes, who have been the dominant team in F1 for several years.

In 2021, Honda announced they would be leaving F1 at the end of the season. However, they went out on a high, with Verstappen winning the drivers' championship and Red Bull winning the constructors' championship. Red Bull will be switching to a new engine supplier, but the Honda engine has undoubtedly contributed to their recent success.

The Mercedes Challenge

Finally, Red Bull's recent success can also be attributed to the challenge posed by Mercedes. Mercedes has been the dominant team in F1 for several years, winning the constructors' championship every year from 2014 to 2020. However, in 2021, Red Bull emerged as a serious challenger to Mercedes' dominance.

Red Bull and Mercedes fought fiercely for the drivers' and constructors' championships throughout the season. However, Red Bull ultimately emerged victorious, with Verstappen winning the drivers' championship and Red Bull winning the constructors' championship. The challenge posed by Mercedes pushed Red Bull to improve their car and performance, ultimately leading to their success.


Red Bull's recent F1 wins are getting easier due to various factors. The rise of Max Verstappen, the Red Bull car's performance, the Honda engine, and the challenge posed by Mercedes have all contributed to Red Bull's recent dominance. However, F1 is a highly competitive sport, and Red Bull will need to continue to improve to maintain their position at the top of the sport.

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