A home renovation project is one of the best ways to breathe new air into your home. It can boost your property value and make life at home more enjoyable. And you can’t complete a successful home renovation project without giving the walls some attention.

Thanks to technological advances in interior design, homeowners don’t need to limit themselves to basic painting and whitewashing. They can now choose different ways to make a statement, including wallpaper. Thanks to its patterns, colours, and textures, it's an increasingly popular option for homeowners. Moreover, it’s an affordable way to cover up imperfections in walls. 

This article will enumerate eight advantages of having this wall decor option in your home renovation project.

1. Suitable for All Ages

Renovating a home can be tricky because everyone has different ideas and tastes. Fortunately, wallpaper lets everyone personalize their design and pattern according to their unique style without causing disagreements. 

2. Durable 

Like other significant home investments, you want them to withstand the tests of time. This wall decor option won’t experience yellowing, peeling, or seeping; it can last up to eight to ten years if you install it properly. On the other hand, you must retouch or repaint paint every three to five years to maintain its aesthetic. 

3. Easy to Install

Homeowners usually need one or two weeks to paint a room so it can fully dry and to apply multiple coats. On the other hand, you can install wallpaper in one to two days with minimal tools and materials. This wall decor option is also less likely to leave stains on furniture, and they only need to apply it once. 

4. Non-Toxic

Homeowners usually worry about painting their houses because they don’t want to get paint on any objects inside their property accidentally. It’s also because they don’t want anyone to get sick or feel nauseous during the home improvement project.

Wallpaper is easier to clean up if it has a stain. You only need to use an absorbent cotton pad to remove it. Additionally, other paint materials have harmful chemicals and can emit volatile and toxic organic compounds. 

5. Beautiful and Diverse Options

Unlike wall painting or tiling, wallpaper offers different fun possibilities for homeowners to decorate their homes. They’re available in various patterns and designs to customize a space. A fun and lively option work best to create an inviting atmosphere if you have children. 

On the other hand, if you want a more classic look, you can choose from countless timeless patterns that perfectly match the furniture and your house’s overall style.

6. Easy to Change

No homeowner would want to repair or retile their homes because it’s time-consuming. Another great thing about this wall decor option that you can’t find in other options is that wallpaper is easy to change if you’re already tired of the old design or want to keep up with the latest trends. 

7. Affordable 

Unlike painting or tiling, wallpaper is more affordable and practical for renovating homes. It’s also available in different price ranges and is easy to install. Moreover, hiring professional workers to paint the house is costly and could increase the risk of staining the floor and furniture. 


8. User-Friendly Designs 

You can use wallpaper to decorate your child’s room because it doesn’t have toxic chemicals and has many child-friendly images. That way, your child can enjoy playing with the pictures of fairy tales on the walls.

Sticking to a Lovely Home

Wallpaper is gaining popularity among homeowners because of its cost-effectiveness, durability, and beautiful designs. Working with professional contractors can help you get the best results. 

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