3D Floor Vortec Illusion printed on a durable fabric decal. Smooth Fabric Material, Easy to apply and removes with no damage to floor.


Diameter: 20" w x 10" t

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3D Vortex Floor or wall Decal, Creates the illusion of a vortex hole. Printed on a smooth fabric adhesive material that will last for months in a really busy walking environment and years in a area that is only walked on 5-10 times a day. The decal can easily be removed and will not damage the floor or wall. How to use: Choose a smooth, clean and dry surface. Peel the stickers from the sheet one by one Position the adhesive on a plane surface smoothing form the middle out pressing them. If the result is satisfactory for you, stick firmly to the surface pressing the air bubbles outwards. If it have bubbles, take a needle to bore them. Clean the smooth surface before sticking it on. Our product are durable and beautiful.

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