Baltimore Alley Wall on Brick Wall, Wall Paper 28" Rolls

Baltimore Alley Wall on Brick Wall, Wall Paper 28" Rolls

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Baltimore Alley Wall on Brick Wall, Wall Paper Graffiti mural

This is a Gigapixel image. Gigapixel Images allows for very large, high-quality reproduction!

Maximum Size 350" or 30' wide at full resolution

The Baltimore Alley Wall mural is a must for any urban setting. Vibrant, colorful, and highly textured, it captures the unique spirit of urban alleys with an innovative design that reinforces its genuine graffiti wall origins. 

Transform your room into a stunning backdrop that is sure to enhance the look of any room or space. Our high-quality printing means it won't fade or change colour. Install with a simple peel and stick application and remove without leaving messy glue behind. Perfect for renters, since it is removable and doesn't leave stains or residue, ideal for decorating because it is long-lasting and removable.

  • Our murals are printed on a Matte finish with a fabric texture.
  • Our murals are easy to apply, just peel and stick, our reusable fabric wall decals will instantly transform any room.
  • They are very durable and stick to virtually any surfaces. Will not tear or wrinkle.
  • Our fabric wall stickers can be removed and reused on a clean surface over 100 times without leaving a residue and without loss of adhesion. They are guaranteed will not damage your walls!

Seamless comes in 28" wide rolls, Self-adhesive, Peel & Stick, Repositionable removable wallpaper

Our PEEL-AND-STICK Fabric wallpaper is perfect for renters, creating a fresh new look, DIY Home Decor, a quick refresh, easy to install, No pasted needed, self-adhesive backing is 100% removable at any time. 

Each roll is custom printed to order and has a fixed width of 28 inches. We offer a variety of lengths to meet the height of your space or the needs of your project.

The wallpaper design is printed in rolls, you just hang them directly next to each other. No Overlap. 

PEEL-AND-STICK WOVEN WALLPAPER - Removable and Repositionable

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