Mandala Yoga Wall Sticker Pink: Peel-N-Stick Wall Decal

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Size in Inches: 14" x 14"
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In Buddhism and Hinduism, the mandala is a traditional spiritual symbol that represents wholeness. A visual tool used in yoga to focus attention and create a sacred and enlightened place during meditation is the mandala. A yoga flow inspired by mandalas will have you moving around your mat in a circular pattern, much like the shape of a mandala itself. Although there are slower and more moderate flows, because you'll be switching asanas constantly, it can be highly taxing on your focus and stamina.

Product Description:

  1. The decal can be removed at any time with no residue.
  2. Great if you are renting or simply want to change your look later. 
  3. Our material is a matte fabric material that looks natural on the wall
  4. 100% safe inks and material.
  5. Easy to install: all decals are shipped with instructions. 
  6. We stand behind our work and many 5-star ratings

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