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This is a Peel-N-Stick Decal that can be applied to any smooth wall or glass. This decal can be removed at any time and leaves no residue on the wall or it can remain on the wall for years, it's up to you. This is an indoor decal. 

UPDATE ANY ROOM: Easily update any area with a 3D decal from CoolWalls.

SELF ADHESIVE: Secure to any smooth wall, glass, or mirror.

EASILY REMOVABLE: Ideal for dorms and rentals, the wall decals are removable and if you are careful they can be repositioned.

OUR PREMIUM DECALS: Wall sticker decals are constructed with a thin fabric that is precision cut to eliminate borders.

Stunning Space Views
Easily update any room with a wall decal sticker from CoolWalls. Wall decals and murals add depth and visual interest to bedrooms, hallways, kids' play areas, the home office, living room and other locations. Great for your home, rentals, dorms, apartments, and more, our wall prints are also easily removable without damaging the underlying wall surface or leaving a sticky residue.

Easy to Install on Smooth Surfaces
Securely install the wall mural decor on any flat and smooth surface such as a matte-finished wall, door, window or mirror. Suitable for indoor locations, ensure the surface is clean, free from oil residue and completely dry before installation. For freshly painted surfaces, it is recommended that the surface cures for up to three weeks to allow excess moisture to be released to prevent peeling. Not suitable for textured walls.

About CoolWalls
With a mission to produce unique, high-quality wall decals and wall murals, CoolWalls offers a wide variety of wall decals in multiple sizes and provides many customization options.

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