Your living room is one of the essential parts of your house. It’s where the family gathers to relax and socialize, and it’s the first thing visitors notice about your home. For this reason, you must find creative ways to make it attractive, including finding the best wallpaper. 

This home improvement essential can add colour, texture, dimension, and a unique personality to any room. It’s also durable, easy to install, and can conceal a room’s imperfections. However, like other significant home improvement investments, you must consider a few things before putting them on your wall. After all, your wallpaper choice can make or break a first impression. 

This article will enumerate five tips to help you select the best one for your living room’s walls.

1. Consider Your Wallpaper Placement

Before finding the best wall covering for your living room, you must always determine where to place it. This step will ensure that your future choice will look good in your space. You can also use wallpaper to create a focal point and draw visitors into the room. 

Interior design experts state that you should decide whether to focus on one wall, like the one behind the sofa or the wall with the TV or if you want to decorate all four. However, regardless of your choice, you must also consider other parts of your room when giving it a new look. 

Wall coverings can also make your living room luxurious without spending too much on natural stone or custom cabinetry. Moreover, they can give built-ins a unique look by covering the back. That way, you can create a space you can proudly call yours. 

2. Consider Your Room's Size 

Your wallpaper design will depend on the size of your room. Smaller patterns will make a small space look bigger. On the other hand, larger prints and motifs work best for larger rooms with high ceilings. You can also be bolder with your design choices if you have enough space. 

3. Determine the Right Pattern

When decorating your living room, you should consider your wallpaper pattern choice. Neutral, textured, and smaller-scale fabrics can complement more enormous patterns on the wall, while vibrant materials can enhance muted or subtle designs. We also recommend small-scale wallpaper because it can add interest to a space without becoming too overwhelming.

4. Opt for a Monochrome Look

Regardless if you want an eccentric or monochromatic look, you should always carefully select your wallpaper choice. Alternatively, you can choose a more single-tone colour palette. While matching wallpaper and sofa fabric with the same colour and design can be stylish and unique, you must choose a pattern you won’t get sick of quickly. After all, it can be expensive to replace your furniture and redecorate your walls. That way, you can make the room look like a part of the design from the beginning. 

5. Stick to One Interior Design Style

While it may be tempting to experiment with different options, you must remember that mixed wallpaper designs may not always be the best choice for your living space unless you want to create an eclectic-style living room. It’s also crucial to remember that not every attractive style will fit your space.

You should pick a pattern that will fit your room’s overall style and furniture. For instance, select wallpaper with a neutral background and bold abstract shapes in cool and warm colours if you want a mid-century modern look. On the other hand, abstract and traditional patterns like grasscloth work best for a transitional style and create a contemporary feel. 

Sticking to a Luxurious Living Space

Your living room’s wallpaper choices can significantly impact what guests say about you. You can create an attractive living space by carefully considering your needs and listening to interior designers’ advice.

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