Whether it’s a minor mix-up project or a significant renovation, you’d know that a home improvement project is one of the best ways to boost property value and turn it into a personalized space. And no home project would be complete without a few rolls of wallpaper. 

These home decor options are popular among many homeowners because of their versatility. They’re available in different colours, patterns, and textures, suited for everyone’s unique tastes. However, finding wallpaper with the wow factor can be challenging, especially with the endless choices available. After all, the goal of a home improvement project is to revamp your space. 

This article will enumerate five helpful tips to help undecided homeowners choose the best wallpaper. 

1. Consider Your Property's Space

When selecting the best wallpaper for your home, you must always begin by considering how you will use the space. This step helps you determine what mood you want to create for the room. You should also consider the room’s size. 

For instance, if you’ll be revamping your bedroom, we recommend choosing subtle, calming patterns with muted tones to evoke a cozy and romantic atmosphere. On the other hand, bright colours and patterns can bring dynamic energy to a livelier area, such as a living room or other spaces for entertainment. 

Likewise, wallpaper with a delicate design works best for rooms with many windows, doors, and decorations. In contrast, a subtle wallpaper can transform a bare space. 

2. Determine the Wallpaper's Durability 

Like other significant investments, durability is crucial when choosing the best wallpaper. You want it to last long and withstand the daily wear and tear. It’s also essential to ensure the wallpaper is resistant to mould, scratches, and dust. 

You should also consider which rooms in the house you’ll use them. Wallpapers with delicate texture or material work best for areas you don’t use daily, such as guest and master bedrooms or a formal dining room. On the other hand, areas with more frequent use, like kids’ rooms and entertainment spaces, need more durable options. 

3. Select the Best Patterns 

While picking a wallpaper design that appeals to you during your home improvement project is crucial, you must also remember that not every attractive pattern will fit your space. 

Horizontal patterns and designs can open up a room, while vertical patterns make a ceiling appear higher, and bold geometric patterns work best for a contemporary look. Whereas larger prints are ideal for larger rooms, smaller ones work best for smaller spaces. 

Dark patterns make a room appear smaller, while light prints open up a space. On the other hand, damask and floral patterns create a romantic atmosphere. 

4. Play With Your Room’s Lighting

While wallpaper is undoubtedly one of the best ways to revamp a home, you can also use your room’s lighting to enhance the wall decor’s appeal. 

You can use it to add a light reflective element to your windowless or dark room. We recommend choosing those with soft colours, metallic, and iridescent inks. 

However, if you choose a darker wallpaper, install additional lighting fixtures to compensate for the lack of light. Dark-coloured wallpaper can create a moody atmosphere while making the space look smaller. We recommend adding a sconce or other lighting fixtures to give the room a warm orange glow. 

5. Try Textured Wallpaper 

This option is increasingly becoming popular for many homeowners. Textured wallpaper is available in grass cloth, burlap, foil, fabric, and expanded vinyl. Homeowners use this home decor option to brighten a room, enhance a layered look, and cover wall imperfections. 

Wow Factor on the Walls

Choosing the best wallpaper for your home can be daunting for most homeowners. Fortunately, following our tips and working with reputable contractors can help you transform your space into a picture-perfect room. 

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